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Hello beasties!

This time on the blog I'm just back from ANOTHER holiday!! This time I was with Calum on The Isle Of Wight (Ancient Home Of The Yeti, according to me...), but I'll return to this in a bit...

First up though let's take a look at some of the podcast episodes that have been released recently...



Here we are for episode 257! Bettina is looking to make money by selling some of her assets and with help from Paul they seek the advice of antique dealer to the stars, Mr Brocante - who just happens to be in the UK on business. Does Bettina own anything valuable that she can sell which might help her with her money troubles? Thank you to ThatPeterG and Jay The Hauntcub from LOTSL for their help with putting this episode together. Additional praise must go to Nick Goodman for not only converting the Sutton Park clips - but also for acting in them too! Our next episode, #258 sees Paul and the gang uncovering a number of secrets deep down in the library podcasting studios! Do join us, won't you?! Please email me at shyyeti@yahoo.co.uk if you have any comments - you can even send me a sound-file and I'll include it on the show. The music is by Shy Yeti, Harry F and Luca. Sound effects by Soundbible and Shy Yeti. All content is Copyright Paul Chandler, 2019. Episode 257 was recorded between the 10th April and the 2nd May 2019, with Sutton Park clips from episodes 111 and 112 from Summer 1993.

This episode can be downloaded on iTunes, Acast, Podbean and also from Soundcloud at the following link:

257: https://soundcloud.com/shyyeti/the-shy-life-podcast-257-mister-brocante-and-the-antique-with-eight-legs

Next up - do you remember when we found an alien book down in the library store - well, this time we're going to learn a little more about how that actually occurred!



Here we are for episode 258 and we return to the Library Podcasting Studio where Mr Yeti is busy recording his latest show; but Cromitty and Cuthbert have been busy researching and has some quite shocking revelations about an incident from last year involving Ikk and an alien book! Our next episode, #259 sees Paul celebrating the 10th anniversary of one of his poetry collections, IF POEMS WERE PIES; the regulars are on hand to help out! Do join us, won't you?! Please email me at shyyeti@yahoo.co.uk if you have any comments - you can even send me a sound-file and I'll include it on the show. The music is by Shy Yeti and Luca. All content of this episode is Copyright Paul Chandler, 2019. Episode 258 was recorded between the 7th and 19th May 2019, with clips from Sutton Park episodes between 762 and 765, as recorded in February 1995...

This episode can be downloaded on iTunes, Acast, Podbean and also from Soundcloud at the following link:

258: https://soundcloud.com/shyyeti/the-shy-life-podcast-258-secrets-of-the-library-podcasting-studio

Next up we're celebrating a book of poetry which has just celebrated its 10th anniversary...



Here we are for episode 259! This time Paul and the regulars are celebrating the 10th anniversary of one of Mr Yeti's poetry collections. There is plenty of chatter, not to mention clips from 1990s Sutton Park... Our next episode, #260 sees us live and unshackled for the first of two live shows on Pride48 this month! Do join us, won't you?! Please email me at shyyeti@yahoo.co.uk if you have any comments - you can even send me a sound-file and I'll include it. The music is by Shy Yeti and Luca. All content of this episode is Copyright Paul Chandler, 2019. Episode 259 was recorded between the 12th December 2018 and the 3rd June 2019, with clips from episodes 283 and 284 of Sutton Park from New Year's Eve 1993.

This episode can be downloaded on iTunes, Acast, Podbean and also from Soundcloud at the following link:

259: https://soundcloud.com/shyyeti/the-shy-life-podcast-259-if-poems-were-pies-10th-anniversary-special

The poems from IF POEMS WERE PIES that appear in this episode are, as follows:

All poems read by Mr Paul Chandler (aka Shy Yeti) unless otherwise stated.

EVERYTHING YOU DO IS WRONG! (read by Cromitty)
HOW IS HE? (read by Bettina Du Pres)
I CANNOT LOVE YOU (read by Ikk The Alien)
I'M BEING STREAM-LINED (read by Martin)
IF POEMS WERE PIES (read by Dameus Twinklehorn)

The original edit of this episode included the poems ALTERED STATES and YOU ARE CAT-NIP TO ME - but were not considered to improve the episode. These recordings may be reused at a later date, but they're not currently regarded as the best of this collection; an occasional fate when returning to old collections after many years.  A version of I CANNOT LOVE YOU read by Paul was originally included as the last poem of the show - until it was realised that Ikk had already read it; Paul's version will, however be used on another occasion. One of Paul's favourite pieces from IF POEMS WERE PIES - MICE, TAP-DANCING replaced this 2nd version of I CANNOT LOVE YOU in the final edit. Additional poems from this book were also recorded, but will be included in future episodes released around this time.

Coming up - here are some photos from my recent trip to The Isle Of Wight; although I'll save a few for when the episode is edited and released later in the year...

The trip itself went well - Calum and I travellled on Tuesday 28th May - going from our flat to Portsmouth (via Woking) where we then got the boat over to Ryde. After pie for lunch we took the bus to Newport - booked into our hotel and then visited a few pubs and had dinner at Wetherspoon's. I recorded quite a lot during the day. On the Wednesday we took the bus to a delightful location, Mottistone Gardens where I took a lot of photos and recorded more for the show - by lunchtime it was starting to rain, but we were able to sit outside under cover and enjoyed the gardens until it was time to get the bus back. A proposed trip to Carisbrooke Castle was cancelled - partly due to the weather and partly as it was more of a hike than we'd planned for. I still recorded some scenes which inferred that Yeti Uncle John had gone to this location. In the evening we did more pubs - had planned to eat at Prezzo, but their kitchens were down and so we returned to Wetherspoon's as time was getting on. On Thursday we visited Osborne House during the day - the weather was quite hot and the House and grounds quite crowded due to it being Half Term and they were also doing events to mark the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth. Exploring the House was quite tiring due to crowds and steep staircases - but it was a very interesting building and I also enjoyed sitting in the Walled Garden and tackling a jam scone with cream afterwards! We spent the evening in Cowes - visiting more pubs and having dinner (although we had to escape the pub when a singer began his set; managing to select songs that both Calum and I find excruciating!) We headed home on Friday 31st (C's bday), reversing our journey and it took about 4 hours door-to-door! A successful trip!

Before we bid goodbye for this post I should probably share with you a couple of photos from a recent trip to Radio Wey which was made on a rainy evening in June - Saturday 15th June 2019 to be exact (10 days off the date of it being 11 years since my 2nd ever appearance on Radio Wey back on the 25th June 2008! #obscurefactfans) There was lots of talk about music (the Beatles and some 80s bands), also quizzes and vinyl talk - even Yeti Uncle John showed up! There will be an episode of THE SHY LIFE PODCAST coming along soon to accompany the recordings that we made.
The poems/prose that I read were as follows:


(*) From PIECES OF SHY YETI (2019)
(=) From IF POEMS WERE PIES (2009)

Next time on the blog we'll return to discussing the remaining poems and prose from my new collection, PIECES OF SHY YETI...

That's all for now... Take care - more soon,

Yeti hugs,

Paul (aka Shy Yeti) xx



June is a busy month for us - but we can already see July ahead on the horizon! We're almost half-way through the year! Don't worry though - we have lots of new episodes in the pipe-line! Our schedule list does tend to change every time I post, but right about now this is a pretty good guide to the episodes that we are hoping to release over the next few months; not to forget our monthly LIVE episode! Anyway - take a look at what else we have in store...

Anyway, here is our current schedule!

260. Live Pride48 Show - June 2019

Paul and the gang launch their first of two live shows during June 2019!

261. Shy Yeti's Extra Robots!

Nick and his friend Jo discuss robots - whilst Paul and Cuthbert discuss the new robot manager and Trowby and Lisa answer some quizzes via the wonders of the internet!

262. Live Pride48 Streaming Event - 2019!

Paul and Nick celebrate 2019's Live Streaming Event in a number of bizarre ways!

263. Back On The Radio

Paul is back on the radio with Tim and Nathan - whilst Yeti Uncle John thinks he should have his own show!

264. Shy Yeti... Shaken Not Stirred!

Paul catches up with Nick and Andy to discuss the big hits in film of 1987 - they also discuss James Bond as 1987 was the year that the franchise got a new face!

265. Shy Yeti's Cornish Adventure!

We join Paul and Toby as they head down to Cornwall for a week's holiday. However Paul has got a new manager who wants him to do more adventurous pastimes! (Recorded mid-May 2019) 

266. Live Pride48 Show - July 2019

Paul and the regulars are back in the studio for their ever-unpredictable live show for July!

267. Shy Yeti's Land Of Make-believe!

Paul and Nick discuss the big hits of 1982 in both the UK and the US!

268. Whatever Happened To Dusty The Scone-Eating Dandelion!?

Paul and the team receive a tip-off about an elusive acquaintance of theirs - Dusty The Scone-Eating Dandelion who went missing under mysterious circumstances some time ago... Paul, Yeti Uncle John and Calum head off to The Isle Of Wight in search of their friend; but will they find him!?!

269. Charlie Grrr and The Pie With The Pastry Plumage!

If all goes to plan with a trip to Venice in May then I plan to a record a pie-related giallo spoof with Charlie Grrr and some of the other regulars! I can promise that it'll be super silly.

270. Caveman Logic - 10th Anniversary show

The second of three 10 year poetry anniversaries for Mr Yeti during 2019.

271. What Are We Going To Do About Big Fatty?

As "Big Fatty Online" reaches episode 3000 and draws to a close - The Shy Life Podcast comes up with a number of ways to cope without "the little show!"

272. The Return Of Dameus The Interviewer

Dameus interviews all manner of podcasting celebrities as part of his return to the chat-show circuit.

273. The Will Of The People

There is bad feeling in Shy Life Podcast-land when a light-hearted popularity contest to celebrate 3 years of the show goes badly wrong and the results are declared as "the will of the people"! Is this true or have the results been rigged!?! Ikk also recalls when time travel was almost used to fix the results of the Big Fatty Online Number 1 Fan contest!

274. Live Pride48 Show - August 2019

Paul and the regulars are back in the studio for their ever-unpredictable live show for August!

### Additionally:

There will - most probably - be live shows every month; but we also have plenty of other episodes either in planning or partially recorded. 

### How Ikk Coped With The End Of The BFO!

Paul discusses with the listeners the rather bizarre thing that Ikk and the regulars did to mark the end of Big Fatty Online. They are left with a legacy... but what are they going to do with it!?

### The Dragon And The Cacti!

Paul and Yeti Uncle John check in on Dragon Albert to see how he is getting on with Bert and Gert; John presumes that it will be a bit of a rescue mission - but they are both shocked by all that they find!!

### The Truth About The Shy Life Podcast!

We look back at some of the scandal that has affected the little show over the years - the lives - the loves and maybe we'll even learn the truth about who pushed Zap down the stairs in episode 200!

### The New Caretaker / "Where's Me Booook!?"

What with Yeti Uncle John often being up in space - Bettina gives Paul the details of a caretaker who used to work on her Estate... It seems like a good idea until it becomes evident that this gentleman swings from being extremely lazy to shovelling every last thing into a bin bag... What ever will happen when he reaches the basement and finds all the tat in Cromitty's laboratory; what will happen to all those priceless Sutton Park tapes? For that matter will Cuthbert make it through the night!?!

### Re-connecting With The Past

Paul catches up with Cromitty and Martin and is excited to learn that Cuthbert has a few added advances that makes it possible to re-connect with the past via old episodes of SUTTON PARK... Ikk is slightly doubtful about it all - but he and Paul soon get to experience the process first-hand. Unfortunately his upgrade also unearths the control of a certain app that was once installed on him! 

### Bettina and the robot butler

This episode sees Paul visiting Bettina only to find out that the house has recently become robotically automated; also Wifey Jo play a card game with Cuthbert.

### The Great Bingo Scam

Someone is rigging the bingo so that they win - is it one of the regulars or someone more sinister?

### The Continuing Mystery Of Long Lost Cousin Algernon

A number of episodes that involve Martin's investigation into Long Lost Cousin Algernon. What will he find?

### Gordon The Crypt-keeper In Need!

Gordon is back - but he has recently lost his job! Mr Yeti does his best to try and help him out...

### Shy Yeti And The Ridiculous Sponsor!

Paul and Toppie Smellie do a show together - but thanks to interference from Paul's new manager they have to keep stopping to do live adverts for the ridiculous sponsors they've been set up with!

### The Shy Life (Poetry Collection) - 10th Anniversary show

Paul heads out and about to celebrate the third of three 10 year poetry anniversaries during 2019.

### Bits And Bobs and Bobs And Bits - Mk 2

More clips from the archives and recent conversations that don't have a home!!

### Shy Yeti And The Shame Inspectors

Shy Yeti gets more than he expects when he receives a visit from Isaac and Declan from That's A Shame podcast - they are constantly on the lookout for Shame sources - but this time they have Paul in their sights!

### Behind The Scenes - Fiction Within Fiction!

Paul looks back at how he used to film Sutton Park behind the scenes on some of Nick's films - with clips from both Tide Of Freedom and Evil Trophy and the equally as dramatic Sutton Park episodes recorded during these productions. 

### Shy Yeti Gets Back To Scotland!

We join Paul and Calum as they head back to Dunbar for a few days. Paul's management is keen that Paul should offer himself as Nessie's exclusive biographer; only Nessie really doesn't want to be interviewed as he has a very large secret! (Recording late-July 2019!) 

### Shy Yeti's Summer Retreat!

Paul heads back down to Kent for a week of creativity! Paul's manager wants him to stir up trouble to get more ghosts on the show!(Recording mid-August 2019!) 

### Shy Yeti's Three Birthday Treats!

Paul reflects on three treats that he had for his recent birthday - involving activities with Nick concerning Paul's manager, the usual silliness with Toppie and a trip away with Jay and Ikk; all these treats are quite unusual to say the very least... 

### Shy Yeti's Birthday Diary 2019

Paul shares his birthday diary with the listeners as he and Toby head off into the wilds of the UK for his birthday! Things are getting out of hand with his manager and Paul has some very shocking news! Can Mr Trowbridge be of any help?

### Episode One Billion

We look forward a year or two to see how things are going for The Shy Life Podcast as we hit episode One Billion. Things are a little more advanced - but all the gang are still on board!!

This post and all contents are Copyright Paul Chandler, 2019