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Hello beasties!

This week there will be more chatter about recent podcast episodes that I recorded back at the start of November, whilst staying down in Kent - and I also have news about a compiled edition of the first three seasons of HOT STUFF!! All that and plenty of cute photos of Deeley the Cat!!


Here we are for episode 208! Having returned from Kent, with encouragement from Harry - Paul decides to throw a belated birthday party in London and invites a number of his friends, short-notice. Toppie is also there via the wonders of modern technology and all is going well until an encounter with the lady who owns the venue where the party is being held; she is (most certainly!) a little different! Thank you to all my special guests this time; you know who you are - I don't want to spoil the surprise for the listeners! Our next episode, number 209 is a behind-the-scenes diary about some of the recording that I got up to during my birthday week away; with previews of some episodes that are yet to be released! Do join us, won't you?! Please email me at if you have any comments - you can even send me a sound-file and I'll include it on the show. The music is by Shy Yeti, Harry F. and Luca. Sound effects by Paul Chandler. All content of this episode is Copyright Paul Chandler, 2018. Episode 208 was recorded between the 1st October and 14th November 2018.

This episode can be downloaded on iTunes, Acast, Podbean and also from Soundcloud at the following link:


Our next episode is a behind-the-scenes show from my week off between the 9th and 16th November - with a few previews of some of my forthcoming guests from future weeks.


Here we are for episode 209! This episode we present a behind-the-scenes diary about what went on during Paul's week away in November 2018. There are lots of specially recorded chats - out-takes and a preview of four different guests who will feature in a quartet of episodes that have yet to be released; but will be soon!! Thanks to everyone who took part - especially Harry Fulton who came with me down to Kent to help me share my birthday and to Toppie Smellie for staying up well after midnight just so we could record some very silly things for the show! Our next episode, number 210 is all about Mr Yeti meeting up with an old friend for dinner - but the regulars experience an acute case of F.O.M.O. Do join us, won't you?! Please email me at if you have any comments - you can even send me a sound-file and I'll include it on the show. The music is by Shy Yeti, Luca and Harry F. Sound effects by Paul Chandler. All content of this episode is Copyright Paul Chandler, 2018 - except for the music and lyrics to the song "Dan" by Harry F which appears during this edition of the show. Episode 209 was recorded between the 9th and 16th November 2018.

This episode can be downloaded on iTunes, Acast, Podbean and also from Soundcloud at the following link:


I've also been a guest on another show - George In Atlanta - and it also seems a good time to announce that George also recorded for THE SHY LIFE PODCAST during the same recording session on Monday 12th November 2018... The full SLP interview is yet to be released, but there are clips and behind-the-scenes clips from the interview on episode 209; the full chat will be out very soon - whether that be before Christmas or early in the New Year. It's a bit of a weird time of year for factoring in normal episodes alongside all the many various seasonal episodes that we have in store!

Part 1 at:

Part two will be out very soon!

Also - a Dark Shadows article that I recorded for Round The Archives episode 29 has also just been released and can be located at:

Before I forget - here is a new compiled edition of HOT STUFF!! Let me tell you some more...


Here we present a special volume which includes the complete first three seasons of HOT STUFF!! you will meet psychos, bounty-hunters, phoenixes, repentant ex-vampires, ghosts of the past, a dj who controls minds and also a whole gang of super cool librarians. Will you join us? Come on – you know you want to!!

448 Pages

Hbk: £19.99

Pbk: £14.99

There's no real new content in this compiled edition - I just thought it would be nice to produce an edition where it would be possible to catch-up with the first three seasons all in one place. There will hopefully be, at least, 6 seasons of HOT STUFF!! (The next two - season 4 and 5 - are already written in first draft; with season 6 just beginning production.)

One of my first books of 2019 will be the 3rd season of KENSINGTON GORE; although it is currently intended that GORE will only be a 4 season series - at least for now; so I'll probably wait until season 4 is released (it's almost written in draft form!) before I release a compiled edition.

A...N...Y...W...A...Y... ...And now some random photos that I've taken over the last few days...

Next time we may have our Christmas hat on - I'm not sure how many more posts I'll do before the end of the year; so we'll see!

Anyway, that's all for now! Take care - more soon,

Yeti hugs, Paul (aka Shy Yeti) xx


Here we are in early December and there are plenty of episodes in store and we're constantly recording new shows! Our schedule does tend to change every time I post, but this is a good guide! 

Anyway, here is our current schedule!

210. Shy Yeti's Big Dinner Date!

Paul catches up with his friend OtherPaul for an early birthday meal at a favourite restaurant - whilst the regulars experience both a misunderstanding and an acute case of F.O.M.O.!

211. Tuning In With Freakquincy!

This time Mr Yeti talks with Freakquincy from The Gay Wasteland podcast.

212. Video Killed The Podcasting Star!

Nick and Paul discuss the big hits of 1979 on both sides of the pond!

213. Catching Up With Cuthbert Computer!

Paul takes time out to catch up with Cuthbert - to find out about his favourite TV, music, food, books etc.

214. Bits and bobs

A compilation of lots of clips from The Shy Life Podcast - old and new which are still residing on Paul's phone! All this and we catch up with our American correspondent in France - who is no longer in France!!

215. Shy Yeti Meets George In Atlanta

This time Mr Yeti talks with George In Atlanta.

216. The Big Films Of 1972

Just for a change Nick and Paul discuss films - this time looking at the year 1972; also Aly (Nick's wife) chats to Paul about some of her favourite films and stage-plays. Recorded 27/10/18.

217. Sing-a-long-a-Shy-Yeti!

Behind the scenes on what happened when Harry tries to audition a members of The Shy Life Podcast to sing a tune for him!

218. Music And Movies From 1999

This time Mr Yeti talks with Leigh Robertson from Chewing The Cud about the big music and movies of 1999.

219. The Dragon And The Cacti!

Paul and Yeti Uncle John check in on Dragon Albert to see how he is getting on with Bert and Gert; John presumes that it will be a bit of a rescue mission - but they are both shocked by all that they find!!

220. The Truth About The Murder Mystery Weekend!

It has taken a while but now we finally seem to have some answers about what ACTUALLY happened at the Murder Mystery Weekend back in October 2018 and the answers are REALLY going to shock you!

### Additionally:

There will - most probably - be live shows every month; maybe even more than one closer to Christmas; but we also have plenty of other episodes either in planning or partially recorded. 

### The New Caretaker / "Where's Me Booook!?"

What with Yeti Uncle John often being up in space - Bettina gives Paul the details of a caretaker who used to work on her Estate... It seems like a good idea until it becomes evident that this gentleman swings from being extremely lazy to shovelling every last thing into a bin bag... What ever will happen when he reaches the basement and finds all the tat in Cromitty's laboratory; what will happen to all those priceless Sutton Park tapes? For that matter will Cuthbert make it through the night!?!

### The Return Of Dameus The Interviewer

Dameus interviews all manner of podcasting celebrities as part of his return to the chat-show circuit.

### Re-connecting With The Past

Paul catches up with Cromitty and Martin and is excited to learn that Cuthbert has a few added advances that makes it possible to re-connect with the past via old episodes of SUTTON PARK... Ikk is slightly doubtful about it all - but he and Paul soon get to experience the process first-hand.

### Whatever Happened To Dusty The Scone-Eating Dandelion!?

Paul and the team receive a tip-off about an elusive acquaintance of theirs - Dusty The Scone-Eating Dandelion who went missing under mysterious circumstances some time ago... Will they be able to find him with the help of Martin and his detective pals!?

### Bettina and the robot butler

This episode sees Paul visiting Bettina only to find out that the house has recently become robotically automated; also Wifey Jo play a card game with Cuthbert.

### The Great Bingo Scam

Someone is rigging the bingo so that they win - is it one of the regulars or someone more sinister?

### The Continuing Mystery Of Long Lost Cousin Algernon

A number of episodes that involve Martin's investigation into Long Lost Cousin Algernon. What will he find?

### Tales Of Deadiegrams

The regulars share their memories of times when they have encountered Deadiegrams in odd situations.

### Brocante Saves The Day?

Bettina needs to sell some of her treasures and Brocante The Antique Dealer is called in - but can he save the day?

### Gordon The Crypt-keeper In Need!

Gordon is back - but he has recently lost his job! Mr Yeti does his best to try and help him out...

### More About The Alien Book

We learn a little more about The Alien Book which made Ikk so unwell at the start of the year - but, of course - things are never simple.

### If Poems Were Pies - 10th Anniversary

The first of three 10 year poetry anniversaries for Mr Yeti during 2019.

### Charlie Grrr and The Pie With The Pastry Plumage!

If all goes to plan with a trip to Venice in May then I plan to a record a pie-related giallo spoof with Charlie Grrr and some of the other regulars! I can promise that it'll be super silly...

### Digging Into Unheard Of Places

Paul digs through the archives to find a few interesting conversations that never made it onto shows. This episode has been postponed due to technical difficulties during summer 2018 and was replaced with another episode, but will be rescheduled once more material has been set aside.

This post and all contents are Copyright Paul Chandler, 2018