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Hello beasties!

This week we continue our Nessie Hunt by taking a trip to The Lake District - where we explore Keswick and Derwentwater... You're probably right in thinking that exploring such a beautiful area via audio does not exactly do the area justice - so I'm hoping to share with you some photos too...

Anyway - our search for Nessie continues and here is all you need to know about our latest episode:


Here we are for episode 149 - where this time we take our hunt for Nessie up to The Lake District... Will we have more luck this time? We also learn how Ikk got over his fear of water! There are also poems, messages and further cameos by Toby and Crazy Niece Alena! Our next episode, number 150 - sees Cromitty and Yeti Uncle John heading for Italy - are they looking for Mr Yeti or is Cromitty actually hoping to find Nessie a new home in Lake Garda?! Do join us, won't you? Please email me at if you have any comments - you can even send me a sound-file and I'll include it on the show. The music is by Shy Yeti and Luca. All content of this episode is Copyright Paul Chandler, 2018.  Episode 149 was recorded between the 22nd July 2017 and 27th of February 2018. Lake District Location work took place between the 19th and the 23rd August 2017.

This episode can be downloaded on iTunes, Acast, Podbean and also from Soundcloud at the following link:


Our previous episode - also recorded on location, was put together in a more chronological order than episode 149. #149 was recorded out of order partly because of its ad-lib nature and partly due to the rather less than conventional wet summer weather. A number of our days in Braithwaite tha week were spent indoors - the British Summer can be so cruel sometimes!

Here is the actual order that episode 149 was recorded in:

19th August 2017: Scene in Keswick during rain.

20th August 2017: Bus, Derwentwater sounds and some dialogue.

21st August 2017: Dialogue - recorded in Braithwaite.

22nd August 2017: Scenes for start of episode in Carlisle. Also dialogue in Braitwaite.

23rd August 2017: Buttermere scenes.

We travelled up to Braithwaite on Friday 18th August and returned home on Friday 25th August 2017; as you can see we completed recording a day or so before we departed. I'm not sure we went too far on the 24th and at any rate I think I felt that everything that I needed to do had been done. One point of note is that I only decided to travel to Buttermere on my own at the very last minute and only because bad weather cleared. Therefore the Francis The Buttermere Ghost scene was only formulated when I found myself at an additional location and wanted to somehow record something memorable and specific to the area where I was exploring - something extra to what had already been recorded.

Coming up we have one or two new photos taken during the recording of this episode - mostly taken around the end of the trip whilst I was recording at Buttermere... Before we reach those you might also like to revisit the post that I made back last summer soon after I returned from this holiday...

August 17 Lake Post:

Before we go - here is an update of the episodes that I am hoping to present to you over the next few weeks/months; including one or two newer episodes that I've been working on since our last post...


Episode 150 is the last part of our Nessie story - recorded in Verona in November 2017. Following that we have quite a busy line-up; there have been one or two slight changes in order since our last post and so our next episode up once the Nessie Hunt is concluded is a show inspired by recent snowfall in London and across the UK...

151. Ikk's First Experience Of Snow

Paul invites Ikk to investigate the snow that has fallen upon London - which Ikk is very excited about as it is his first real live experience of snow! Yeti Uncle John and Cromitty are even sweeping the paths in readiness!! But Zap is also lurking in the Park intent to cause trouble. Meanwhile, Martin has some Sutton Park clips to share and Bettina puts out a request for help from the listeners...

152. What We Don't Like

Paul and Nick discuss a number of things that they think are over-rated, but Paul also shares his thoughts about some of his favourite non-Pride48 podcasts...

153. Return Of The Brompton Time Machine

This one has also brewing for quite some time - in fact I started work on it when we lasted visited Brompton Cemetery in early January 2017 and then recorded scenes with a number of guests throughout 2017; finally I'm ready to release it!

154. Live March 2018

Once again - this episode is fixed to a specific date - so it might end up changing number. Ikk shares an anecdote of the time he first met an alien - Bettina answers some listeners questions and Yeti Uncle John has a shocking piece of news for everyone... In extra material Cromitty and Martin disagree as to which old Sutton Park should be shared with the listeners and so there are two clips!!

155. Travel Episode

Paul and the regulars discuss plans for travel and also favourite places that they have visited over the years.

156. The April Fool Episode 2018

Paul turns to his friend Brocante The Antiques Dealer in this episode - but is what he suggests a big April Fool's joke or in fact his latest plan for the future of THE SHY LIFE PODCAST??

157. Peeper-napped

In which Paul receives a letter from a long-lost relative called Algernon and Ikk has his peepers stolen by Nathan/Zap. All this and Dameus worries about his voice which is beginning to settle back to its more quavering form; is this going to effect both his career AND his love-life?

158. When Harry Met Yeti

Harry and Paul catch up and discuss a number of different topics...

159. Bettina and the robot butler

This episode sees Paul visiting Bettina only to find out that the house has recently become robotically automated; also Wifey Jo play a card game with Cuthbert.


### Radios and Reminiscences

Whilst Paul heads back onto local radio - Cromitty has picked out some more SUTTON PARK clips.

### A Poetry Anniversary

Last week I also recorded most of an episode that mentions the 2nd anniversary - but also celebrates 10 years of SHY YETI'S INCREDIBLE PIE-CRUST COLLECTION (2008).

### The Great Bingo Scam

Someone is rigging the bingo so that they win - is it one of the regulars or someone more sinister?

Next time we'll be reaching the third and final episode of our Nessie trilogy...

That's all for now... Take care - more soon,

Yeti hugs,

Paul (aka Shy Yeti) xx

This post and all contents are Copyright Paul Chandler, 2018.