Monday, July 18, 2016



Hello beasties!!

Yes! That is me! This still was taken from a slightly spoofy version of Blake's 7 that many of my mutual friends (and future Sutton Park cast-members) were part of back in the early 90s... Here I am again - from the same production, with fellow actor, David Aldridge, on the right.

So... Last time I posted it was all about the recent Poetry Cafe show at The Poetry Cafe, but I didn't really tell you much about what I got up to immediately after... 

Before we go any further, however, I'd like to share with you the links for my latest episode of THE SHY LIFE PODCAST... It took a little longer to get that one out due to me being just that extra bit busier than usual over the last couple of weekends. I spent most of Sunday editing quite literally 10 minutes of ummms and fluffed lines from the episode until it came down just under an hour in length!!


Here we are for episode EIGHT!! This time Mr Yeti catches up with a member of his family - tries to make peace with some grumpy house-mates, looks back at his "SUTTON PARK" days and shares another poem. Dameus Twinklehorn also reports in and we get another incite into Mr Yeti's vinyl collection. He also gets very excited about his recent appearance on THE SMELLCAST. The clips from SUTTON PARK were recorded back in the 1990s and I'd like to thank Andrew T and Harry F for allowing me to use these scenes. I would also like to thank Toppie Smellie for allowing me to use clips of our chat from THE SMELLCAST 414. Our next episode should be available within the next ten days... Please email me at if you have any comments. The music was by Shy Yeti. This episode and all contents are Copyright Paul Chandler, 2016. Episode 8 was recorded between the 24th June and the 10th July 2016. This episode is on iTunes, Acast and the Soundcloud link is:

In addition to that... Toppie Smellie has released the second part of his interview with me.


A very special Happy Birthday shout-out to KAYDIN of Washington DC!  HI KAY!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  A holiday related Stick It Out Your Back Door and the 2nd part of our interview with Paul Chandler, the Shy Yeti!

This episode is available on iTunes amongst other places and you can find all the links you need at:
Returning to "real" life... There's not a lot to say about what I was getting up to before last week's show - other than that I got there in good time after a long-ish day at work and thankfully the evening went really well - but it was only just the start of the weekend; I've had a pretty busy time since then...

As I may have already mentioned I spent the weekend with my friends Nick and Aly Goodman who came all the way from Salisbury for the show. We were very busy during my stay - Nick and I recorded quite a lengthy chat for what will probably end up as Episode 10 of THE SHY LIFE PODCAST and we even recorded a little something in advance for this year's Halloween episode!! Yes, I know - it's only July - but I want to prepare!! As well as podcast shenanigans we also began The Great SUTTON PARK Preservation Project! The next few photos are clips taken from very early SUTTON PARK episodes - around episode 18 from December 1992 and below you can see Elaine Musselwhite (then Elaine Bull) in her role as mystic "Madame Elaine!" I am also there - looking young and in one picture I have a balloon hanging out of my mouth - the balloon being Madame Elaine's cheap "crystal ball" replacement. Yes, hat should was completely nuts - that's why I find myself still talking about it almost 25 years later!

The following photos are of Nick and I, during the weekend, whilst we were recording the commentary for our 2000 "short", LAS POOL... It's one of the few occasions where I've recorded a commentary and had far too much to say - but then LAS POOL is extremely short! It's the story of a man who wins a competition for a weekend in Blackpool, but accidentally gets sent to Las Vegas instead and is very grumpy that he didn't get to go where he thought he was going - even though Las Vegas is probably far more exclusive and exciting!

Of course, a Shy Yeti post in 2016 wouldn't be complete without some cute photos of Deeley... Here are one or two of them for you!!

Deeley! What a mess you've made! (It wasn't really him, I was just clearing out a cupboard) There below he is again, hiding under the duvet and complaining about being disturbed!

This photo is... well... this is Stone Henge made out of fudge!!

On the Sunday, after I'd seen Nick and Aly, I also got to revisit some old haunts in the village where I grew up and to record some links for a future podcast episode - those photos are coming up right at the end... Oh, and I also spoke to my mum about something naughty that I did when I was a littlun'!

Since my return from Salisbury I've been busy recording more interviews - I've spoken to more old friends - meeting up after work in London and then this weekend I saw two ex-Sutton Park stars and travelled to Winchester to meet up with them. It's quite possible that their names will mean nothing to you - but as is the case with most guests on THE SHY LIFE PODCAST, you don't need to know who they are for them to have something interesting to say. I've at least two more - maybe three more - interviews to record this week - and I'm arranging another for the week before I go away to Kent... I'm glad to say that I'm going to have plenty to release, at this rate, during August into September. 

Next week, I'm hoping to have another podcast ready to release - not to mention another Shy Yeti sketch - this one involves Vampire Cows... So, it's business as usual for Mr Yeti then, right!? Right!!

Enjoy the photos - more soon!

Yeti hugs,

Paul xx

P.S. Thanks to Toby for the Deeley photos! The other cat in the photos, below, is called Megan and she lives (with her two daughters) with my mum and dad! She seems quite taken with me... Another podcast listener? I'm hoping so... hehe.

This post and all contents are Copyright Paul Chandler, 2016.