Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Hi folks,

"JUST TO GET MYSELF TO YOU" is my newest poem; written today - Wednesday 4th August 2010 just before I head out to L.A. tomorrow for a few days holiday. I wrote most of it on the train back to my flat between Salisbury and Weybridge earlier this morning; writing the last 8 lines to verse 5 and 6 back at home, at around lunchtime. The first lines that came to me were the one about flapping your arms, which became verse 5 and the second idea was about digging a tunnel - which ended up as the first verse. Having decided to write 6 verses - I wrote the first 8 lines of each and then returned to finish the last 8 lines once I had a scenario devised. All the verses were written in order except for verses 5 and 6 which I wrote in reverse order. It's basically just a daft poem about being determined to reach someone despite being so far away - and using the oddest methods to get there. Paws crossed rhat the last option - the giant leap - was the one that worked... I'm being positive here; I know it was! I expect this piece to appear in my next collection - and I dedicate it to Mr Dominic McCauley whom I am meeting when I arrive in LA tomorrow! Hoorah! :) I may even go and do an open-mike night whilst I'm out there, if I'm brave enough... I'll keep you informed!!

I hope you enjoy the new poem! More soon! :)

Yeti hugs,

Paul xxx


I am digging me a tunnel -
Just to get myself to you...
I am building me a trail -
That leads the way!
I have packed myself a picnic -
Just in case I crave a snack...
And when I get the other end -
I'm going to stay!
And yet the moles are getting jealous -
And all the earth worms are on strike!
They have built a barricade to keep me out!
So, I am turning back again -
Yes - I will find another way!
But I will get myself to you -
Without a doubt...

I am building me a sail-boat...
Just to get myself to you!
And I have taught myself -
The fastest way to row...
I am steering round the mermaids -
And I'm avoiding all the sharks...
With the vain hope that my -
Muscles may well grow!
With urgent fury I will paddle -
Although my toes are getting wet...
I am worried that my craft -
Has sprung a leak!
I have a nasty sinking feeling -
That the waves are growing high...
But I will get myself to you -
Within the week!

I am constructing me a bridge -
Just to get myself to you...
I will admire every view -
Take in the sights!
I've got a large supply of girders -
Yes, I've got my nuts and bolts!
And I will cross my paws -
I'm not afraid of heights!
Well, I have got the first arch stable -
But the next one looks a mess...
In the sea breeze I can -
See it start to sway!
All the wood-worm in the planks -
Are getting sea-sick too, alas...
So I will get myself to you -
Some other way!

I will fly a large balloon -
Just to get myself to you...
I am inflating it -
I'll fill it full of puff...
I am hoping it will rise -
Above the very highest cloud!
If I can only get it floating -
High enough!
Yes, there I stand upon the clifftop -
In the hope the wind may catch...
That I'll bob out above the sea -
And not be scared...
I have the feeling that the sea gulls -
Are about to peck me - BANG!!
But I'll still get myself to you...
I come prepared!!

I will flap my bingo wings -
Just to get myself to you...
I am pretending to myself -
That I'm a bee!
I have even got the outfit -
With my black and yellow stripes -
And I have bought myself -
A flask of honey tea...
But there's the slightest pang of worry -
I can hear a little sound -
A swarm of insects -
And a quite unfriendly buzz!
They must know I'm an imposter...
And they want to drive me out...
But I'll still get myself to you -
Well, just becuz!! ;)

I will take a running jump -
Just to get myself to you...
A decent run up -
Is the only thing I'll need!
There you are across the sea -
So, I will take a flying leap!
All I require is a little -
Head of speed...
I am coming, faster - faster...
Yes, my legs are moving quick!
You are worried at the plan -
That's now afoot!
But as I fly across the edge -
My strength of mind will get me there -
So once I've got myself to you -
I'm staying put!

"JUST TO GET MYSELF TO YOU..." is Copyright Paul Chandler 2010 and will appear in his next collection; late 2010/ early 2011.