Friday, February 12, 2010



Just a quick post to post a couple of links to recent videos that I've posted on both youtube and

The first is for the 2nd part of my series SUTTON PARK SW1 - which only has a tenuous link to my poetry in that I play a poet called Paul aka Shy Yeti!! You can read more about the making of this episode at - however the links to the episode are below:


Vimeo link:
Youtube link:

I should add that there are a couple more poetic reasons for watching this episode and they are as follows:

a) at one stage you see the original version of my book JUNK/FOOD in the spiral bound version that it was available in from 2002 until I discovered Lulu in late 2005.

b) A short passage of a poem from JUNK/FOOD - CARELESS TALK COSTS is read during the episode. I intend to post the full version of this at the end of this post.

The next episode of SUTTON PARK SW1 is due toward the end of this month.

The next of my SHY YETI ON LOCATION videos is also now completed and was posted on monday. This one has a Valentine's day theme and was recorded earlier this month and includes the poems: BLUE EYED LOVER, HOPELESS ROMANTIC, WHY AGNES - YOU'RE LOVELY and A LEARNING EXPERIENCE; not to mention various silly interviews and worship of cupcakes! (You think I'm joking - just watch and see!) The links are as follows:


Youtube link:
Vimeo link:

Elsewhere I have been busy preparing for my slot during the MEDICINE MOUTH - LOVED UP show which is happening tonight. Hopefully I will be reading 12 love themed poems - but more about that next week. I am also hoping to return to The Poetry Cafe for their open mike night on Tuesday 16th February - where I'll probably read some of the poems I read at MEDICINE MOUTH and maybe new poem: CUPCAKE... Posters for my gig on March 6th went up at The Poetry Cafe on wednesday 10th February! I know, because I put them up myself! :)

As for the next poetry collection - DO YETI WEAR PYJAMAS - proofreading continues and I am still intending to release the book in May at my book launch. I am also working on a number of new poems for THE DEATH OF LOVE - the most recent poems, which I finished this week is called: YOUR HIGH-KICKING DAYS ARE OVER, DARLING... However I have about another 20 poems at different stages of completion.

Anyway - that's all the news I have for now - more next week! I'll let you know how things go tonight and at the open-mike night, if everything goes to plan! :)

To finish with here is the poem CARELESS TALK COSTS - recently revived on SUTTON PARK SW1, but going right back into my poetry archives...

Yeti hugs,

Paul xx


Careless talk costs!
Careless chatter!
Swapping tales,
Washroom natter!
Careless stories -
Careless fibbing.
Constant ribbing!

Careless talk costs!
Careless jarring!
Pretty soon,
Best friends are sparring!
Careless questions -
Careless lies!
This weeks gossip!
No surprise!

Careless talk costs!
Careless quips.
Words of loathing,
Silly slips.
Careless murmurs -
Careless queries!
Chuckles – laughter…
Lurid theories!

Careless talk costs!
Debating views!
Just wait until -
You're front page news!
Careless snorts -
Becoming hated!
Careless talk,
Can well be fated!

Careless talk costs!
Careless stalker,
The perils of -
A careless talker!
Careless talk!
A careless word,
Cut your tongue out!
How absurd…

From JUNK/FOOD (2002), available from as JUNK/FOOD - ROLLERCOASTER..