Monday, September 08, 2008


Location: Fitzroy Tavern, London and Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London
Date: Friday 5th and Saturday 6th September 2008

Well! It happened - on the 5th and 6th September 2008, I finally had the launch party for my most recent two Mouse of Commons books: GLADSTONE MCWHISKERS THROWS IT ALL AWAY and THE FURTHER SQUEAKS OF GLADSTONE MCWHISKERS. More importantly for this site I also launch the 3 latest poetry books: the new collection - SHY YETI'S INCREDIBLE PIE-CRUST COLLECTION, WOOED AWAKENINGS and WOOED-ER AWAKENINGS.

Thanks to everyone who came along and all those who sent messages of apology for not being able to make it. Thanks also to all of you who bought copies of the books and the cool comments I've had back from you already about the ones you bought.

The next book launch will be to celebrate the launch of the next Mouse of Commons book: GOSSIP FROM THE CHEESE COUNTER and also to belatedly go for drinks for my birthday. At the moment I'm setting it for around 14th/15th November - more details when I have them. :)

The photos relating to the new Mouse collections can be found on

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I hope you enjoy the photos!

Thanks again to everyone!

Paul x

Above. The Fitzroy Tavern, London

Above. Calum and Miles investigate two of the new poetry books.

Above. Robert is very sympathetic about Harry's inability to master reading properly.

Above. Paul and Harry and the poetry books - either way up they're a good read. :)

Above. Gibson is a little uncertain at Paul's new book, at first - but eventually gives in and buys it. Yay!

Above. Carlos was busy admiring all the piccies of Deeley in the book - as Carlos owns Deeley's mum, Juanita.

Above. Miles, Glyn and Gibson and a mixture of books.

Above. Eliot is a little bit blurred, but that's the cameraman's fault - not Eliot's.

Above. Paul remains composed, whilst Gibson contemplates a new dance move.

Above. Tom proofread the newest of the poetry collections. Hoorah!

Above. Paul suffers for his art.

Above. Gibson does debonair...

Above. ...But then makes up for it with plain daft, by the time Lloyd arrives.

Above. Tom, Lloyd and Paul...

Above. Luke and Paul.

Above. Gibson and Paul!

Above. A flyer for the new poetry collection.

Above. Robert and Paul try a crazy new dance.

Above. Paul teaches Tom the moves to "Walk Like An Egyptian"!!

Above. Luke and Tom both appear in photos in this new collection.

Above. The three amigos at the end of day 1 of the book launch: Tom, Robert and Paul.

Above. Day 2 of the book launch and Nick came all the way from Salisbury for the day. :)

Above. Lloyd reappeared on Day 2 to make a purchase. Thanks Lloyd!

Above. Pete and Julie asked me to write a poem for their wedding; I did and it's now in the new poetry collection, along with some of their wedding photos.

Above. This is where we had the book launch last September.

Above. Jamie showed up at the last minute!