Monday, June 02, 2008



Having announced the new book last week: SHY YETI'S INCREDIBLE PIE-CRUST COLLECTION, as promised I have included another of the new poems for this blog entry. Not only this, but also a couple of photos taken in Southwold and the surrounding area this weekend. I'll probably be posting more of the photos from the Southwold trip on the Mouse of Commons site soon as I have been working on a new short story set there! :)

Enjoy the new poem! :)

Paul xx

PS Other than working on photos and Mouse short stories I should probably mention that I came up with a few possible verses for some new poems... Hold this space and maybe next year I may even be talking to you about ANOTHER book of poems. Uh oh... hehe. :)


Diagonal cat –You can’t do that!
Lie horizontal –
Worse still, flat!
Climb the curtains –
In your drawers!
Shave your fur;
Or file your claws!!
I wouldn’t want;
Long nails like yours!!
Diagonal cat –
Diagonal cat –
What darn tomfoolery –
Is you at!?
Are you waiting?
For applause?
You’ve got a big job –
On your paws....
Born on a slope;
In a cravat...
You slanty angled –
Pussy cat!!

Unruly mule –Was brought up cruel…
He holds his hooves up!
Suggests a duel!
Seems he fancies;
Getting sued!
How quite uncouth -
To start a feud, now;
With a donkey;
Very crude!
Unruly mule –
Unruly mule –
His youth spent fighting –
Back in school;
He’s burning up;
He starts to brood;
He gets into –
A dreadful mood!
A well-aimed punch –
It makes him drool!
What an ill-mannered;
Violent mule!

World-weary snake…A bad mistake…
He liked to dine on;
Mouldy cake!
Once tried to eat;
A full-sized goat;
It tasted good –
Which got his vote!
But, alas, it got –
Stuck in his throat!!
World-weary snake...
World-weary snake...
Oh, what difference –
Does it make!
The food inside him;
Made him bloat;
Up in the air;
Began to float!
He coughed it up then;
He nearly choked;
That stupid snake!!

Growly beast!Just scoffed a feast;
Ought to have shared;
Some food, at least!!
But no; ate it all!
Yes, every bite!
Full to bursting now!
He’s quite a sight!
What a fright!
Growly beast!!
Growly beast!!
So then his life;
It swiftly ceased!
Well, please don’t think me;
Such a shame he couldn’t;
Get it right...
They had to call;
The local priest;
Who ate him raw;
Oh, what a hasty, tasty growly beast!!