Friday, December 07, 2007



I've not posted for a little while, as I'm currently in various different stages of a number of books that I hope will be coming out in Spring 2008. There are four poetry books so far; WOOED AWAKENINGS and WOOED-ER AWAKENINGS, which I've already mentioned to a certain extent which are repackaged relationship collections from my first 8 books up to POETIQUETTE in 2005; the first book covering the books 1-4 and the 2nd books 5-8. There are a couple of new poems in both collections. There is also the SINGLES FILE collection of the poems I have posted on this site over the last 5 or more years, which will also contains 20 or 30 new pieces.

In addition to this I am also working on a book of children's poems with my friend Bearsoup. I'm writing some new pieces and chosing my favourites from all my 10 poetry collections so far. Bearsoup is going to be illustrating them and the aim is to produce a full colour collection to publish on

Other than this I am embarking on final proof-reading on two other Mouse of Commons books; one a novel: GLADSTONE MCWHISKERS THROWS IT ALL AWAY and the other a second collection of short stories entitled: THE FURTHER SQUEAKS OF GLADSTONE MCWHISKERS, which I hope to be ready by Spring 2008, if I can find me a few new proof-readers. As well as this I am working on the writing process on some other Mouse projects and am currently posting my third internet Mouse adventure since October. The three stories: GLADSTONE MCWHISKERS AND THE SANDCASTLE OF DOOM, GLADSTONE MCWHISKERS AND THE PHANTOM PIE-CRAWL and GLADSTONE MCWHISKERS AND THE LOST CITY OF BEARCELONA will also later be appearing in a fully-fledged collection of Mouse short stories later in 2008 and I plan to write at least one further internet exclusive story during the first quarter of 2008.

Anyway - here's one of the new poems that I hope will be appearing in YETI SPAGHETTI, the children's collection that I mentioned earlier. Hope you like it. This was written in bed after a night out on the tiles, with sleepiness still snoring in my earlobes as I wrote it.

Bye for now. Seasons greetings!!

Paul xx


Little pig -
A real bright spark!
Little pig...
Hides in the dark...
The older pigs -
They laugh and snigger...
But little pig -
He's growing bigger!
They won't laugh long…
The last laugh's his -
Sweet little pig -
Won't lose his fizz…

Little pig -
He's never naughty!
Little pig…
He's pink and snorty!
His curly tail -
They love to tweak…
Gets longer seems -
Now, every week!
Poor little pig -
He'll become more tougher…
He's joined a gym -
To grow still buffer!!

Little pig -
He's discotastic…
Little pig…
Takes measures drastic!
To stop the fiends -
Who bully him;
Who make each day…
So very grim…
In his school bag -
Hides something viler…
A large and snarly;
Pet Rottweiller!!!

Little pig -
He's well respected!
Little pig -
Now well protected!
The other creatures -
All treat him beaut…
In fact some have been -
Known to salute!
They're dead polite now,
Yup - no fakin',
Pig's pet Rottweiller -
Sure saved HIS bacon!