Thursday, July 12, 2007


As promised. This is the poem that I'll be reading and Julie Fowler and Peter Archer's wedding tomorrow. It's unusually romantic and uncynical and I came up with it on a country walk back in late April 2007. The very walk that the photo in this entry was taken on.

I hope you enjoy the poem.


More soon...

Paul x


For Julie and Pete on their wedding – 13th July 2007

The path they tread.

The love they seek.

The words they’ve said.

Shall not grow weak.

Their lives wide open –

With plans they’ve made…

Their dreams awoken –

These memories that will never fade…

Fine times they share –

Deep trust has grown.

How much they care…

Today is shown.

They give the sign.

And speak the vow.

Two hearts entwine,

All here can see their time is now.

Two lives converge –

Here as they do,

Strong feelings surge,

Their hopes come true.

The sights they’ve seen…

Still yet to see…

The future’s keen…

Yes, some things in life are meant to be…