Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Just a quick message to say HAPPY EASTER!!!

Also, to mention that there's a new MOUSE OF COMMONS novel available: more details at

As far as the next book of poems is concerned, I'm one away from 50 poems - having written a new piece, THE BLACK-EYED GROWL, just yesterday. The whole collection RHYMES BEARS STEAL PIES FOR is now almost ready and during my Easter holidays I'll be proof-reading it all - so hopefully it'll be ready by the end of the month.

In addition to this I'm also working on another book of poems called SINGLES BOX, which is a collection of all the poems from the last 5 years, from all my collections, that I have posted on this site. This will probably be available by the summer.

I won't post any new poems this time - but next post I'll announce the official launch date of the collection and post one then.

As mentioned before, they'll be a book launch for my 4 most recent books in late June.

That's it for now. Happy holidays!!

Paul x