Thursday, January 05, 2006


Just to let everyone know that some of my writings are now available to by from an online site in America. For those of you who remember the spiral bound versions you'll probably be very pleasantly surprised to see an improvement in the presentation. Yes!! They now look like proper books - it's because they are! ;-)

Take a look on and then search under: PAUL CHANDLER and it should come up with a list of the ones available. Even if you're not interested in buying them it's worth having a look. A lot of the volumes are compilations of 2 of the old style volumes - so even though they seem more expensive, what with postage and packaging and the costs of putting them together, you're effectively getting two books for one anyway - so the price isn't that different from what I used to charge.

Books available so far:

My most recent collection from Spring 2005 - this was limited edition when it came out, so not many copies were dispatched. It's available in a paperback or a hardback version.

The previous volume from late 2004. Available in paperback.

A compilation of the first two collections. Available in paperback and hardback.

Is it a children's novel for adults or vice versa? Who cares - it's for anyone to enjoy and it was my first children's novel written back in 2000! It's about mice, by the way - if you hadn't guessed!

Coming soon volumes 3 and 4 in one volume and the first three Shy Yeti stories in one volume!

I've also been writing loads of new poems for the next volume which is provisionally entitled POEMS TO MAKE BEARS GROWL...

Hope you get a chance to take a look at the site! :-)

Happy New Year!

Paul :-)