Thursday, May 22, 2003


GO 4TH AND DIVIDE is currently in the final stages of editing and contains 60+ new compositions... It should be available from early July priced £3.50.

Here's one of the new ones! Hope you like it...

Paul xx


Are black and white Cows –

Only black and white…

Because they can’t afford the license fee!?!

Are they jealous of the coloured ones…

Mooing, “Why IS it them and NEVER me!!!”

Then again the coloured ones just look silly…

They’re reddy-brown or sepia-toned!

They are probably just the rejects -

Which no-one EVER wanted cloned!

Did you ever see a blue cow? -

Or one in maroon and polka-dot?

Most likely black and white just works the best…

Whilst vivid pink – well – just DOES NOT!!!

Have you ever seen a black and white cow –

Getting drunk and acting rude?

Only coloured ones do things like that –

Or talk like dear-hearted Ermintrude!

Still – talking cows they can intimidate –

Talking cows can seem perverse!

Black and white cows simply stand and chew –

Yes, I prefer they don’t converse!

Black and white looks best at parties…

Black and white looks cool on farms!

It’s not dull like beige or cream is…

Or so loud it sets off car alarms!

No… Black and white cows…

Are black and white…

‘Cos they know it looks the best!

They’re the trend-setters of the bovine world!

And the envy of ALL the rest!!!