Friday, June 07, 2002

Dear oh dear! Apologies for not updating you! Things have been rather hectic - but I'm back from the world tour now... More of which later I'm sure...

As a sample of what Italy inspired in me - please feel free to enjoy the following...


Oh Florence! Oh Flo!
Now's come time to go…
But I just cannot bear soon to leave thee!
Your Café's - your Streets!
Miscellaneous meats!
My love for you -
Never will leave me!

Oh Florence! Oh Florry!
A love greater than Corrie!
And more than Eastenders or Dallas!
Your Bridges - your Domes…
And Old Stately Homes…
Street-singers with voices like Callas!

Oh Florence - Florana!
Our love's a nirvana!
Come home with me - let's be at one!
Come live in my flat!
With Derek - my cat!
Together our love shall grow on!

Oh Florence! Oh Flor!
True love can't ignore!
You send me! It's hard to behave, kid!
Want you all - every alley!
And be extremely pally -
With even your statue of Dave-id!

So, come with me Florence!
Our farewell's an abhorrence!
Yes, come with me - bring all your peoples!
I'll look after you well!
Keep you clean - fresh of smell!
And make passionate lust with your steeples!

Yes Florence! Dear Flo!
Now I really must go!
I hope you'll soon travel to reach me!
I dream of your Squares!
With such beauty! (Like Cher's!!)
I'm a novice in love - come and teach me!!!

Hope you enjoyed that!

Me x