Thursday, May 09, 2002

Fatima has sent me some predictions for the month to come...

Monday - I will go to the Supermarket...
Tuesday - Dentist appointment...
Wednesday - Over 80's Jitterbug Championships...

Hmm - not sure that's quite what we were expecting...

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Well now! Back to normality at last... Had quite a few hectic appointments to keep which was not helped by aforementioned Beatles fans! Hung out at The Windmill on Friday night with a particularly handsome gentleman called called Andrew from television before ending the evening falling over in a particularly trendy little Bistro on top of the cast of a leading cult Sci-fi drama. Met my 2nd Mother and 2nd Father for dinner saturday and had a picnic with my Accountant Mr Fulton on Sunday. Discussions yesterday about writing for the Radio - we'll just have to see if there's time for it all!

Fatima called me up this morning with words of wisdom : "Infatuation is like an over-ripe banana... No-body wants to know and at best you'll end up as compost..." Thanks for that one Fatima dear!

Another poem - this one from my first collection : JUNK FOOD - available from this address for a paltry £1.99...

Must off and pack now - only 10 days til my world tour begins - in Italy! Fantastic! (Please note - World Tour dates to follow at end of this entry...)

This poem reminds me of my recent encounters with The Beatles Fans...

DISCO '92.

I once went down a disco,
However when I did go,
I must make a confession,
It came quite an obsession!!
The lights do flash, the music blares,
And I went down there wearing flares!!
I danced!
They pranced!
Looking false - I did the waltz!
They threw at me some rotten eggs,
Then what they did - THEY BROKE MY LEGS!
My young bod-y was full of pain,
They broke me in so many ways -


18th-24th May : Florence
25th - 26th May : Byfleet and New Haw
27th May : Winchester
28th May - 4th June : Stratford on Avon


Monday, May 06, 2002

Still on the run people - it's all so terribly exciting...

Sunday, May 05, 2002

Awww - special people! Hello! :) Gotta be quick here - am being pursued by 100 screaming Beatles fans who have mistaken me for a 1965 version of Ringo Starr! Golly - my life is just full of excitement... Gotta go - they're trying to molest my macaroons! Having a fab time - more very soon! Hope ur all well! Love - Da Poet